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Top Car and Bike Accessories Maintenance Tips

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As much as we like purchasing the latest car and bike accessories, it is also essential to maintain them with careful handling and regular cleaning with car care products. Our vehicles are one of the most expensive possessions we have and most of us are dearly attached to our cars and bikes. Hence, keeping it in its best working condition and looking as shiny as brand-new is all what we want.

Here in this article we talk about some maintenance tips for car and bike accessories for prolonging your vehicle’s overall life.

Car Accessories Maintenance Tips

Car accessories maintenance shouldn’t really be a daunting task. In fact, car maintenance is therapeutic if you put consistency over intensity. Check these three major tips that you must follow to always maintain the shine of your car accessories:

  • Keep the interior clutter-free

No matter how hard you try to keep the car clean, it will never look appealing if the car is cluttered. Make use of some car organisers like backseat organiser, trunk organizer, etc. to keep random things inside your car in place and to keep it mess-free. Car accessories like a cup holder, travel pouches, and a travel dining tray are also very useful in keeping your car neat and clean.

  • Keep a car vacuum cleaner handy

Portable car vacuum cleaners are either powered by the car’s lighter socket or they are cordless. Unlike home vacuum cleaners, these are specifically designed to be compact, lightweight, and handy to make it easy for you to clean even the most hard-to-reach corners of your car. You can also purchase a car trash can for extra storage space to keep the trash.

  • Use dedicated products for cleaning

We can not stress enough on the importance of car care products for different accessories of your car. High quality car wash, car wax, and car polish work very well on car body, dashboard, bumper, and other car parts like that to clean stubborn stains without damaging the car paint. You can also look for car seat cleaners that not only clean the leather seat surface but also prevent it from drying and cracking. Make sure to use microfiber cloths and towels for such cleaning purposes to avoid getting minute scratches on the car surface.

Bike Accessories Maintenance Tips

Just like a car, your two-wheeler also needs attention and maintenance for optimum performance. These are three rules to follow for bike accessories maintenance:

  • Keep tyre pressure in check

The tyres are one of those bike accessories that affect the functioning of other accessories and parts.Furthermore, considering that the tyres are the only bike accessories that are in touch with the road, it becomes all the more essential to take good care of them. You can invest in a tyre pressure gauge or a tyre inflator with an inbuilt pressure gauge to keep a regular check on the tyre pressure.

  • Use good quality auto care

Shampoos specifically Forbesblog curated to clean automobile surfaces are highly efficient in removing stubborn stains, and even minor scratches from the car surface. Also, a 2-in-1 shampoo even adds a glossy layer on the bike surface after the wash. Hence, it is recommended to use only the most premium auto wash shampoo to clean stains, dust, and residue on the bike surface. A tyre shine is designed for removing scratches and wear marks from the tyre rim surface.

  • Invest in functional bike accessories

Bike accessories indeed are a smart and functional way to amp-up the appearance of your bike. However, remember that adding more bike accessories means more bike maintenance. So, if you are a real bike enthusiast, surely go for as many bike accessories as you want. But, if you own the two-wheeler for daily commute, you must invest in only functional bike accessories that you actually need.

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