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Setting Boundaries: How to Implement it in Makeup Purchases

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Makeup is one great way to feel better after a week of hectic work. These products exist to improve your appearance, and when you have the right ones, it feels like you can do anything. That shot of confidence is important to pick yourself up after a stressful time. 

The problem is sometimes, buying makeup can become an unhealthy coping mechanism. To prevent that from happening, it’s important to set boundaries. 

Designate a budget 

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When you’re stressed, your impulse control is impaired. It’s easy to justify your new purchases by saying it’s a reward for all the hardships you conquered last week. You may not even notice how much you’re actually spending on your purchases, especially if you buy inexpensive ones that add up to a huge amount. It’s important to take a good look at your spending for makeup and see just how much the damage to your finances is. Then, designate an appropriate budget. The rule is to leave enough wiggle room for your purchases without it affecting your savings and budget for more essential items. 

Try samples before buying full size 

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For products like Korean sheet masks, you have the option to buy individually or buy in a pack, which saves you a lot of money. However, it’s recommended to try a single packaging first to see if it will work well on your skin type. Even if you save on a bigger pack, if you will not be able to use them because they are not compatible with your skin, it will be considered a waste of money and product. For other products, you have the option to not spend money at all while trying them–by looking for free samples. Watch out for online shops that give you free samples when you buy some of your tried-and-tested favorites. Then, if these work well on your skin, you can decide if you’ll buy the full size. 

Sample sizes are also perfect for when you’re traveling. They will fit nicely in your suitcase and will be in compliance with traveling guidelines. If you’re saving your sample sizes for trips, however, it’s better to already be familiar with the product. Remember, your goal is to establish a limit on wasteful spends, and if the sample product you bought does not work well, you’ll still need to buy a new product while travelling. 

Finish a product before replacing it 


Except when you have allergic reactions to a product, it would be extremely wasteful to abandon it without finishing the bottle or tube. This usually happens with beauty bloggers who have to review the latest products all the time. With every new product they open, there are plenty of others that are discarded and unfinished. Of course, they can give these away as part of a giveaway, but you don’t have that option. So before you buy another product, make sure you finish your existing one so that you can justify spending more on makeup. 

There’s a lot of problems associated with the beauty industry, but it can’t be denied that they do help in improving one’s confidence. To continue enjoying your makeup products without feeling guilty, be mindful of your spending habits. 

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