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Protecting Confidential Data for Remote Workers

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Cyber-attacks continue to plague the headlines, making data privacy more important than ever for large businesses. The question every IT professional should be asking is whether your enterprise is equipped to deal with these threats.

Protecting confidential data should be the ultimate goal when choosing a security solution for your company. The best way to protect PHI and other sensitive information is to have defense in depth.

The devices in your organization are at risk unless they are secured against unauthorized access.

This is why Remote Wipe is becoming more critical as a security feature for improved data privacy. Remote Wipe is an essential feature your business can implement to make significant improvements to your security posture.

A Remote Wipe solution through software like DriveStrike will enable you to delete private data from any device that employees use for their work. A remote wipe involves sending a command to the compromised device that, when received, will erase the data stored on the device. To get the device functional again, it will need to be set up from scratch with a new operating system. After a remote wipe, any protected data that was on it will be irrecoverable and safe from unauthorized access.

Remote Wipe is an excellent way to ensure data privacy, and it can be implemented daily for many different use cases. Offboarding employees, repurposing devices, and remote work can all be security concerns when not handled properly. Many enterprises use a Remote Wipe Solution to securely delete proprietary data as devices are changing ownership.

In order to stay secure in a hostile digital landscape, businesses must make choices that will likely impact operations but will set a precedent of privacy for years to come. Security should always be a priority for those hoping to be a company their customers and stakeholders can count on.

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