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Is your small business stuck in the 20th century?

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If it is time to modernize your small business, there are a couple of small changes that are real needle movers for small business owners stuck in the past. Converting to a paperless office is one such example. Think about losing filing cabinets and having everything backed up digitally!

Optimizing your office space needs and possibly converting to a flex-office set-up is another effective modernization change. And one change that will also save you a lot of money is converting your communication systems to VoIP. Now is a great time to make the changes that will help to modernize your small business and help it operate more efficiently.

VoIP systems

Utilizing phone systems that are cloud-based can help your firm save a substantial amount of money each month. Your staff will enjoy all the same features, like voice mail and caller ID, but the cost will be significantly less than your current system. It is easy for employees to port their business numbers to their mobile devices when they are on the road or are working from home. This allows for seamless communication and can help your team stay in touch with clients even when they are traveling. 

The equipment doesn’t require a contractor to install and is easy to maintain. Any firm that is looking to upgrade its phone systems should definitely consider going the VoIP route.

Commit to going paperless

Without paper, office life becomes a whole lot more streamlined and efficient! Now that there are secure PDF options, along with the widespread acceptance of digital signatures, document control can be fully digital. With a decreased reliance on copy machines that often break down and delivery services that aren’t 100% reliable, your workday just got a whole lot easier.

Paperless offices are becoming the norm, especially with the ability to keep digital records and backups. Without the expense of procuring paper, or having to maintain digital files, your firm can invest in other, more substantive measures. If your office isn’t already working on this initiative, now is the time to start.

Consider flexible office space

If it is time to right-size your office space, why not take a look at flexible office options? Many companies have embraced remote work as their new normal. If you still want to have somewhat of a physical presence for your team, flexible office space may be the answer. This allows for face-to-face meetings when necessary for either staff or client meetings. When you don’t have to maintain unnecessary and unused office space, your budget will soon look a whole lot more manageable!

Flex space can also work well for your sales force if they are on the road a lot. Many firms have space throughout the country and the world. This is often available to clients for use when necessary. What steps are you taking to modernize your small business? Technology can help you outperform the competition and optimize your internal workflows too!

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