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How AroxCapital distinguishes itself Among Average Online Trading Brokerages

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At present, there are thousands of online trading brokerages and the majority of them are making the same kinds of claims. Many online trading brokerages claim they provide 100% gains as well as huge bonuses but one can easily tell by looking at the content that it is there to fool people and have them spend their money.

These are the brokerages currently destroying the image of the online trading industry. However, AroxCapital Trading brokerage is making a difference with its efforts and I will share some of its most prominent features in this AroxCapital review.

Trading Accounts Offered by AroxCapital

While majority of the online trading brokerages offer a single trading account alongside a demo account with no purpose to serve at all, AroxCapital provides you with a list of trading accounts.

At present, there are five trading accounts offered by the brokerage that include bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and premium accounts. The minimum deposit required for each account ranges from €5,000, €10,000, €50,000, €100,000, and €250,000.

Trading Services through AroxCapital

Once you make a deposit gain access to one of the online trading accounts, you gain access to several services. Some of the major services include weekly webinars, seminars, daily trading signals, segregated account, daily market reviews, multiple trading markets, private trading sessions, trading commissions, SMS notifications, andreal-time support from a personal account manager.

Trading Instruments through AroxCapital

AroxCapital is never afraid of facing challenges head on and this is exactly what it does when offering you with trading instruments. The expert analysts and traders are well versed with all major trading instruments such as forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and stocks. Therefore, no matter the trading instrument you choose, you can avail all the services, features, and benefits offered by AroxCapital via tools or real-time support to increase your gaining opportunities.

Security Infrastructure at AroxCapital

AroxCapital proudly boasts off the security infrastructure it currently offers you, which is highly secure, and on par with any industry-level security system. The transactions at AroxCapital are secured with peer-2-peer (p2p) encryptions as well as two-step authentication protocols. Whether it is your personal data, transaction data, financial information, or any other sensitive information, it is secured with SSL encryption protocol so it cannot be trespassed by any third parties.

For AroxCapital, the protection of your funds and information are on the highest priority, and the brokerage keeps updating/upgrading its security infrastructure to make your trading experience more secure and risk-free.

Education System at AroxCapital

To ensure that you are provided with all the knowledge, learnings, and information related to online trades, and strategies, AroxCapital has put together an educational program that focuses on polishing your trading skills. The program aims to provide you with enough information, knowledge, insight, and tips/tricks around online trading instruments that you are empowered to make your own investment decisions. The content available through AroxCapital is tiered so as you learn through the basics, you can move to the next step and continue doing so until you yourself become an expert in trading.

Adherence to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Regulation

It is worth mentioning that AroxCapital is a regulated brokerage meaning that it adheres to all the policies that make it a reliable and risk-free brokerage. Under the KYC guidelines, AroxCapital ensures your personal identification information is update from time to time and background check is run on your profile to monitor if you are involved in any criminal or similar kind of elements.

Adherence to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulation

Under the guidelines provided by the regulatory authorities around AML, AroxCapital keeps monitoring your transactional activities to ensure none of the transactions are being made to fund any criminal or terrorist organizations. The firm does this to ensure it does not intentionally or unintentionally become a catalyst or conductor for such activities.

AroxCapital’s Customer Service Team is at Your Service

When it comes to offering real-time customer support, the teams organized by AroxCapital are highly professional, experienced, trained, and more than capable of answer investors’ queries in the most prompt/effective manner. The support teams at AroxCapital have a strong background from the customer support sector and they are highly capable of answer all of the investor queries in the most comprehensible manner.

The customer support team at AroxCapital can be reached via phone or email from Monday to Friday.

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