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Hoverboard batteries are one of the most important parts of a Hoverboard. They have to be able to provide enough power for your board to function properly and safely, but they also have to be durable since you will probably use your board quite often. There is no set number of charges that a battery can handle before it starts having issues, so it’s hard to determine how many charges are safe before you need a new battery. However, there are some things you can do when charging your Hoverboard batteries in order to keep them lasting longer. One thing that affects the life span of any rechargeable battery is heat, so make sure that you don’t leave your charger plugged into an outlet while not using the Hoverboard or charging its batteries.

The Hoverboard Battery: The Most Important Features.

The battery is located in the belly of the Hoverboard and comes with a charging time of 2 to 3 hours. You can expect to get between 7 to 10 miles of runtime on a single charge, depending on weather conditions, weight load, etc. A fully charged board will last about 30 minutes without being plugged into an outlet of any kind. When you are navigating through rough terrain or riding on the broken pavement it is important that your Hoverboard has enough power to complete your ride safely. The Hoverboard manufacturer recommends plenty of rest breaks during long rides so that your battery does not run out unexpectedly.

Hoverboard Long-Lasting and Powerful Battery

You can also extend the life of your Hoverboard battery by avoiding deep discharges, which is something that will happen if you ride your board until it runs out of power instead of plugging it in when it gets low. This will shorten the overall lifespan of your Hoverboard battery. If you want to make sure that your Segways battery

Weight of the Person Riding Hoverboard

The weight of the person riding can also affect your Hoverboard battery’s lifespan, so it is important to always use the board within its limits. It may be tempting to ride with more than one passenger at a time since you will be able to go faster and farther on your board, but this extra weight will drain the life out of your batteries 

What Type of Charger Comes with Hoverboards?

The charger that comes with your board is not the only option you have for charging. Even though some Hoverboards come with a specific type of charger, they can all be charged via wall outlets or car chargers, so long as they are compatible.

Decision Making Point

Your Hoverboard is only as good as the battery it runs on, so you want to make sure that your batteries are always in working order. The more charges they can handle before starting to have issues, the longer your board will last and the less frequently you’ll need new ones. These three tips should help you get a little bit of extra time out of each charge while also keeping them safe for future use.

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