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Best WordPress Plugins for Starting an Entertainment Blog

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More and more people are deciding on starting their own blog. It’s an easier way to reach and connect to people.

What is necessary? Choose the right name, write helpful and relevant content, blog constantly to build brand awareness. Be aware of ever-changing surroundings and different audience demands. Make sure to develop a strong web presence so you can actively engage with the audience.

Starting a new blog is a marvelous experience. To ensure it is an enjoyable one as well, you’ll need to install the right plugins.

Making the right content for visitors to enjoy is already hard enough, and it’s even harder worrying about your blog not working correctly.

Why use plugins? To make your blog more engaging and increase traffic with just a few clicks of a button. Build an audience before launching the blog, make it more appealing with sticky elements or a map, improve SEO, etc.

Taking the first step is a huge challenge; therefore, you must rely on the right plugins. With the right plugins, you can make your blog thrive. With that being said, here the top 5 plugins that will help you when starting an entertainment blog.

WP Reset

WP Reset is a plugin that can change your blogging experience for the better. This plugin allows you to experiment with your blog without worrying it’ll get damaged.

WP Reset lets you install all the plugins you want to try out but aren’t sure how they would impact your site.

Now, you are probably wondering how’s that even possible. Well, WP Reset takes a database snapshot before you made any changes to your site. After you’re done experimenting, if you don’t like the changes, restore a snapshot that WP Reset took, and everything will go back to normal. This is just one of the features this plugin has to offer; here are other main WP Reset features:

Collections – lets you create a collection of your favorite plugins (and themes). Once you do that, you can install all of them at once with just a click of a button. You can create as many collections as needed.

Emergency Recovery Script ensures that your site remains intact no matter what unfortunate situation strikes it. That includes your site being hacked, white screen of death, failed password recovery, blocked site, compromised core files, etc.

Nuclear Reset – this feature is especially useful when creating a new blog because it lets you start fresh. For example, you have played with different plugins and themes and found the right ones, but the other installed plugins/themes that you don’t need anymore are now causing your site to run slower. With this feature, you can delete everything, from plugins to custom database entries, all in 30 seconds. Then you can start over with plugins that you already know will work great.

Ever seen a website that accepts guest posts and uses author boxes? How about a website that puts up under-construction pages whenever necessary? Those sites are successful ones. Allow your site to achieve that by following their example.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

The best way to build an audience before even launching a site is with a coming soon page. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode can help you with creating that page.

Some of the main features are:

2 million images – choosing the right image is essential since it’s the first thing a visitor is going to see.

170+ themes – Beautiful, easily customizable 170+ themes that will leave any visitor amazed.

SEO setup – great SEO setup that gives you all necessary data from day one that you can later use to improve your traffic. It gives you a peek at problems, potential improvements, and good results.

Great email collecting setup – this feature lets you choose an emailing system, messages, error messages, etc.

WP 301 Redirects

If you’re reorganizing your site or maybe replacing full pages and it’s not practical to use the same URLs, or if you’re moving domains completely, WP 301 Redirects can help you redirect your visitors. This plugin will help you with permanently routing incoming traffic to a new URL.

The main features are:

Control the redirects – easily handle every redirection.

Boost relevant traffic – all visitors will be redirected, while bad bots will get ignore.

Change URLs – your post URLs are safely changed and monitored all the time.

Ignore bad traffic – bad bots won’t be able to access your site. Instead, they will be ignored and get a 404 page.

Stay updated the whole time – always be on top of what’s happening on your page with built-in charts.

Friendly support – any issue you come across will be resolved fast with friendly and professional support.

WP Sticky

Sticky elements will give that professional yet fun look to your page. Make any element sticky with WP Sticky. Using WP Sticky, you can make a sticky header, menu, navigation, and any other sticky element.

The sticky element will stay on top of the page even if you are scrolling down. With this plugin, you don’t have to mess with code; just pick the element you want to make sticky and customize it. You can make one or multiple elements sticky, whatever you think might work best for the visitors.

You can enable sticky elements only on some pages or for certain screen sizes only. Every sticky element is fully customizable, and you can choose the spacing between the sticky element and the top of the page.

The main features of WP Sticky are:

Pick Visually – pick visually what element you’d like to make sticky without using the code.

Compatible – works great with all themes, page builders, and plugins.

Z-index – makes sure your sticky element is visible without the interference of other elements.

Push-up element – makes your element stick once the user starts to scroll down.

Google Maps Widget

Want to create a custom map for your blog? Google Maps Widget will help you with that. This plugin allows you to set up and display a map in less than a minute.

Once installed, go to the settings page, type in all the required information, and as soon as you hit that save button, the map will appear on your page. Once in place, visitors can click on the map and browse it freely.

The main features of this plugin are:

Unlimited Maps – gives you the option to create as many maps as needed. Also, add as many pins as you want.

Mobile-friendly – since most visitors are visiting your page from a mobile device, it is important to have a responsive map for them as well.

Customizable – customize the map to make it fit in your website’s design.


Just deciding to start a new blog is a huge step. You might need some help with future endeavors, and a good plugin can go a long way. Therefore we tried to make picking the plugins easier by giving you 5 amazing plugin options.

All these plugins are great, forbesblog but when combined, they are a winning alliance.

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