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A Guide To Your Nursing Career In Metairie

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The nursing field is a constantly evolving field that you could explore. Having a specialty would be able to help you evolve in the type of nursing career that you want to have. With the nurse shortage that we have going on, they are more in demand now than before. But it doesn’t make it easier to look for nursing jobs that would be fit for your lifestyle. That is why working with a nurse staffing agency in Metairie is perfect since it would be able to provide you with your ideal work-life balance. This is a guide to your nursing career in Metairie.

Growing Nursing Specialties

1. Registered nurse

Registered nurses are the nurses who are there to provide and coordinate patient care, provide advice and emotional support to the patients and their families, and educate their patients and their families about their health conditions. You could choose this specific specialty if you are looking for a career in the medical field and begin working after just having 2 to 4 years of schooling.

2. Cardiac nurse

When you are a cardiac nurse, you are mostly going to be assisting with surgical procedures like angioplasty, bypass, and pacemaker surgery for patients who have heart conditions. This would be the perfect nursing specialty for you if you are interested in issues that are relating to the heart and assist in developing some treatment plans for patients.

3. Certified registered nurse anesthetist

As a certified registered nurse anesthetist, you are going to be highly trained in assisting anesthesiologists when surgeries are happening. They would have to be one of the highest-paid nurses because they are in demand. As a certified registered nurse anesthetist, you are going to be assisting their patient in managing their pain before, during, and after their surgery.

4. Emergency room nurse

As an emergency room nurse, you are usually in the ER to help evaluate and stabilize patients who are in this department. You are expected to be able to determine the kind of proper medication that you would have to administer to the patients, review medical charts, and tend to basic wounds. 

5. Critical care nurse

Similar to Registered Nurses, Critical Care Nurses are usually trained for emergencies, tending to serious wounds, and monitoring all of these life support systems, especially in stressful scenarios. This would have to be the perfect specialty for you if you want to assist patients who were just in all these major traumatic events and life-threatening illnesses.

Nursing Placements

1. Per Diem

If you are a per diem nurse, you would not have any guaranteed hours and you are usually going to be called in for any last-minute cancellations or when a certain healthcare facility is in demand for certain services. Per diem means per day, so your contract would range from a day to multiple weeks only.

2. Pro Re Nata (PRN)

Pro Re Nata nurses mean you are called “as needed” so that certain healthcare facilities would be able to maintain employment, so this means that there are chances where you need to work on the weekends and holidays.

3. Temp-to-perm

Temporary to permanent contract is a placement that is ideal for nurses who have the intention to possibly move in that area and they would want to maybe scope out the place. This is also an ideal contract to transition from temporary employment to permanent employment.

4. Travel nursing

When you are a travel nurse, this means that you are offered short-term contracts (usually ranging from four to six weeks or longer) in different geographical locations. You are going to be offered assignments in different locations with different care areas so that you would be able to fill in some of their employment gaps.

What Should You Look For in A Nurse Staffing agency in Metairie

1. Quality

The quality of nurses that they could offer your facility would have to be one of the first things you have to look for. Look for agencies that have experienced, hardworking nurses who are there to prioritize teamwork, patient safety, communication, and the culture of every healthcare facility that they are assigned to. When you get nurses who are easy to adapt to and acclimate to your unit is very important when you want nurses who could keep up with the fast-paced environment of a hospital.

2. Price

Usually, healthcare facilities turn to nurse staffing agencies because they are trying to reduce labor costs or because they are short on staff, sometimes even both. Compromising the budget that would go to staffing could really affect the quality of care that you bring to your patients so before you choose an agency, you need to take some time to understand the types of benefits that they could offer to avoid that. 

3. Speed 

How fast you would need to fill in your nursing staff would have to be one of the biggest key factors that you have to consider when you are looking for a nurse staffing agency to partner with. You have to look for a staffing agency that could give you a qualified and trained nurse as soon as you possibly need them. If your facility is really in need of a nurse, then you could look into getting per diem or PRN nurses. 

Why is Nurse Staffing important in Metairie?

Staffing is important in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities, nurses in particular because this could really affect the overall health system and the nursing professions. Because this would be able to affect the safety and the quality of care when it comes to the practice setting. Facilities would be able to help provide better care for everyone by eliminating all of the unsafe staffing policies and practices. 

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